VKB Kitchen and Bath

Marketing Campaign Leads to Multi-Million in
Revenue in 2nd Year of Business

Since its launch, VKB Kitchen and Bath has been about pushing the remodeling envelope. To support its clients in their pursuit of improving their homes, VKB launched an online portal to help customers manage and streamline the process. Further helping customers navigate the remodeling process, VKB has published a treasure-trove of content to assist in every aspect of the remodeling process, from hiring a contractor to picking paint colors.

They’re like family, fully committed to our success, no matter the cost.

Paul Ibrahimov | Business Owner
VKB Kitchen and Bath

The Problem

When it came to their marketing efforts, VKB wanted to put as much emphasis on attracting traffic and converting leads as it did on offering high-quality workmanship on each and every job. Unsure of what tactics would best drive its business, owner Paul Panah Ibrahimov knew he needed expert help to successfully launch the business from day one.

The Solution

Working with InternetMarketingCompany.com to come up with a comprehensive approach, VKB launched a robust search engine marketing campaign that eventually branched into a multi-channel, fully integrated marketing campaign.

The Results

Through marketing channels such as Google Search, AdWords and Display Network, along with blog content and Facebook and Houzz.com profiles, VKB’s:


“Before we ever opened our doors, I was committed to backing up our product with top-notch marketing.

And since day 1 of launching VKB Kitchen and Bath, I’ve not been surprised at the value that InternetMarketingCompany.com brings to the table. I’m certain no other company would have been so attentive to our market, our business and our target customers. I’m also sure that our wild success can be attributed to their marketing strategy. Making multi-millions in revenue in just the second year? Unheard of! Hey, they even gave me advice about marketing services they don’t provide. They’re all around great people to work with. They’re like family, fully committed to our success, no matter the cost.”

Paul Ibrahimov | Business Owner
VKB Kitchen and Bath

If your startup has huge potential but you need the right marketing to drive its success, you need InternetMarketingCompany.com’s help. We’re happy to provide you with a customized-to-you, fully integrated marketing campaign that will propel your business.

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