United Marble Granite

Residential Granite Countertop Business Turns to Facebook to Generate Mass Awareness

The Client

United Marble Granite (UMG) is a premier fabricator of granite kitchen and bathroom countertops since 2004, serving the Maryland area and surrounding states. The company has built a solid reputation based on superior customer service, high-quality fabrication services and competitive pricing. As a result, the business had a longstanding reputation among commercial vendors who used UMG again and again for custom stone fabrications and installations. The company also set itself apart by providing trendy and commonly used stone options for countertops, as well as upcoming new materials as well as the more exclusive options.

About United Marble Granite

United Marble Granite has been Maryland’s choice for custom granite kitchen and bathroom countertops for more than a decade. Based in Baltimore, They have grown into one of the largest, most comprehensive stone fabrication and installation companies in the area. Licensed to serve Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware and beyond.

“InternetMarketingCompany.com walked us through every step of the campaign and their marketing expertise made us feel completely confident in their plan.”

Debra Ann Smith

George Erenler

The Need

With a firm foothold in the commercial market, UMG sought to expand their presence into the residential market. They wanted to advertise in the right markets to get residential projects, but they needed a way to get their name out there and build brand awareness first. Then, they could count on a higher response rate to the residential ads, and drive return on investment.
UMG needed a marketing campaign that would accomplish multiple tasks:

  • Increase engagement with the company.

  • Ensure familiarity between the consumer and the company.

  • Help stand out among the competition.

“We’re countertop experts, but we didn’t know how to get the attention of residential customers, an untapped market. InternetMarketingCompany.com helped to increase our reach through the Facebook campaign. ”

Debra Ann Smith

Paul Akcam

The Challenge

Before they could get a return from advertising, UMG had to increase brand awareness and recognition; otherwise, advertising dollars spent would return void. The company also lacked the necessary expertise and technical knowledge to create an effective marketing campaign, and then run it.

The Solution

UMG turned to InternetMarketingCompany.com to strategize and implement a new campaign to generate awareness. InternetMarketingCompany.com created a customized plan that involved creating awareness via Facebook contests. After listening to the management team at UMG, InternetMarketingCompany.com took hold of the reigns and created a plan. The program would cover components that ranged from planning the contest, advertising the contest via online sources, receiving, organizing and publishing contest images, and then promoting the images.

InternetMarketingCompany.com developed a four-month Facebook campaign that consisted of two separated contests titled “The Ugliest Countertop.” The campaign encouraged users to go to the United Marble Granite Facebook page, submit their ugliest photos or vote on images by Facebook “Likes”. At the end of the contest, the owner of the image that received the most “Likes” became the winner of a free granite countertop.

The Results

The results of the campaign greatly exceeded UMG’s expectations. The contests generated a huge response in terms of word-of-mouth recommendations, as users quickly spread the word about UMG’s services.

  • The campaign helped United Marble Granite achieve over 3,600 local page Likes.

  • It brought in a total of 2.2 million page impressions (or the total number of times a visitor viewed the page).

  • Sharing activity surpassed 10,000 posts.

  • The ugly kitchen countertop shared posts and images reached 12,700 total shares by 10,400 users.

With the right tools employed at the right time, InternetMarketingCompany.com helped United Marble Granite adopt a highly effective strategy for generating awareness about the company in a brand new market. As a result of the foundation laid by this campaign, UMG can now shift their focus to advertisements that target this new audience.

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Paul Akcam and George Erenler

“We knew where we wanted to go and what we needed to do, we just didn’t know how to put it all together. With an already-busy team of salespeople, managers and company executives, we just didn’t have the time or know-how to target a new audience group. Plus, none of us had time to be posting on Facebook and managing that kind of campaign. InternetMarketingCompany.com helped us to identify the right marketing channel that would help us reach our goal, and they oversaw the entire project, so we could stay focused on what we do best: make and sell countertops!”