KBR Kitchen and Bath

Home Improvement Company Increases Estimates by
114% From Local, Targeted Audience

KBR Kitchen and Bath is a leader in the remodeling industry in Fairfax, VA. The award-winning remodeling company is driven to pursue top-notch, old-school customer service, which draws accolades and repeat business from around the region.

That’s just phenomenal in my book.

Erhan Turk | Business Owner
KBR Kitchen and Bath

The Problem

With little market competition, KBR’s owner quickly grew the remodeling business through traditional and online advertising techniques.

However, when he opened a second location in neighboring Bethesda and used the same marketing strategies, the business floundered. KBR hired a search engine marketing expert, which further led the business down a rabbit trail of spending marketing dollars without getting a return.

The Solution

With InternetMarketingCompany.com at the helm, KBR was on its way toward driving business.
With a fully integrated and advanced internet marketing campaign,

InternetMarketingCompany.com focused on search advertising that targeted conversions (the previous provider targeted impressions).

The plan also utilized social media, content marketing and landing pages to increase conversions.

The Results

The campaign quickly got off the ground: